Locations outside occupy a big part of a happy dog's life. Often, as a parent you have options regarding which destination to take your dog when you go out, and so having names for them can give your learner agency that they wouldn't otherwise have.

We recommend presenting two contrasting outdoor locations at the same time, and trying to have the learner "choose" one or the other as appropriate.

Meanings and uses

  • (Lets go to the) park

  • (Let's walk on the) beach

  • (I want to go out in the) garden

  • Balcony

  • Front yard

Button sounds

  • "Beach"

  • "Park"

  • "Garden"

  • "Balcony"

  • "Front yard"

Modeling techniques

  • Asked the learner if they're interested in going to a destination, and then then waited for them to "user their words" to express what they want.

  • Used the button immediately before the learner visited the outdoor location.

  • Asked learner if they wanted to go to the park, to press park button. Told learner we ARE going to the park, press park button, and go.

  • Pressed the button myself each time I went out or when I opened the door for him.

What seems to have worked well

Among our group of successful modelers, the following seemed to be helpful:

  • Already knowing the word "park"

  • Waiting until the learner used the button or asking the learner to use it instead of pawing at the door