WANT is a slightly more abstract concept, on the soundboard but one that it seems dogs can pick up readily. We have it paired here with WHERE, another more abstract concept, but one with a substantially different meaning.

Meanings and uses

  • I want something, whether or not there is a button for it

  • Give me what you have (as in I want a bite of your dinner)

  • Learner wants something; for use with other words

Button sounds

  • "Want"

Modeling techniques

Among our group of successful modelers, the following techniques were used successfully:

  • Once the learner learned "cookie" and "walk," I started repeating back to her "want cookie" etc. with the buttons.

  • Asked "what do you want?" with emphasis on "want." Asked if learner wants to eat, or outside, or play, and pressing both buttons after asking.

What seems to have worked well

Among our group of successful modelers, the following seemed to be helpful:

  • Repeatedly modeling it in appropriate situations.

What seems to have gotten in the way

Among our group of successful modelers, they avoided doing the following:

  • Saying the word before pressing the button; she already knew the word and knew something fun was about to happen anytime the word was used.