We recommend pairing this concept with WALK, as they are similar in practice, but each have very distinguishing features as activities.

Meanings and uses

  • To go outside to pee or poop and then come right back inside.

  • Needs to poo

  • Go potty; go outside

Button sounds

  • "Potty"

Modeling techniques

Among our group of successful modelers, the following techniques were used successfully:

  • Begun by saying: "Do you wanna go potty?", a phrase already frequently used with the learner. Then, pressed the potty button, and afterward said "potty" and brought her out to do her business.

  • Any time the learner pushed the button I would take the learner outside and would push the button before taking the learner outside. It was placed near the door when she was learning the word.

What seems to have worked well

Among our group of successful modelers, the following seemed to be helpful:

  • Using a phrase the learner is always familiar with helped. Using the button at appropriate potty times and not forcing it too frequently for the sake of teaching the button was likely helpful.

What seems to have gotten in the way

Among our group of successful modelers, they avoided doing the following:

  • Taking her out to potty more frequently than normal in order to teach the word faster. I avoided too many full sentences and any unfamiliar words.

  • Teaching POTTY at the same time as teaching OUTSIDE.