This is a word known so well to many dogs that people will often spell it out to avoid having to say it. While it doesn't refer to a frequently experienced need on the part of a learner, it does allow the learner to express a thought they have about an important aspect of their life, and as such opens up opportunities for interaction. We have it here paired with POTTY, a related but distinct idea.

Meanings and uses

  • She uses it multiple times a day because she loves going for walks.

  • Go outside and walk around the neighborhood

Button sounds

  • "Walk"

Modeling techniques

Among our group of successful modelers, the following techniques were used successfully:

  • I would push the button before taking the learner for a walk.

  • If the learner pushed the button I would take the learner for a walk.

  • I pressed the button before putting on the learner's leash.

What seems to have worked well

Among our group of successful modelers, the following seemed to be helpful:

  • In the beginning, taking the learner for a walk every time the learner pushed the button.

  • Taking a walk at a regularly scheduled time and at least once a day

  • Pointing to the button after it had been pressed

What seems to have gotten in the way

  • After letting the learner repeatedly request and get walk, there was a need to wean her off of the 6+ walks a day she was getting.

  • Recording the word was a challenge given how much it sounded similar to "want", so I had someone else record it so it would sound more distinctive.